Hitch'd Stash Press FAQ

Where do I begin?

http://hitchdbydesign.com/stash is where you can begin.

What is Hitch'd Stash?

Hitch'd Stash is an inspiration curating web app for the wedding space. Stash lets you easily collect and share wedding ideas from everywhere, easily.

Our service is free and was created with the technology needs of today's nearlyweds in mind.
Our goal is to make it easier for you to collect and share wedding inspiration from everywhere. We aim to become the world's largest online collection of curated wedding stuff!

How is this different from other services?

Unlike popular wedding content portals that only let you save and share content in a limited capacity, Hitch'd Stash lets you collect and share content from everywhere.

Are there other cool things I should know about Hitch'd Stash?

Users may also embed their latest shared items on their personal blog using a customized widget and create a pdf version of their stash for easy sharing.

Hitch'd Stash is a part of a suite of wedding technology apps being released by Hitch'd by Design. Hitch'd Designer, launching summer 2011, helps you create beautiful DIY stationery for your wedding, affordably.

What's the business model?

We are considering a number of different business models as there are quite a few options available. We're currently testing sponsored stash pages where select wedding brands create branded stashes or collections of items for the Stash community.

Our aim is to come out of beta and launch monetization this fall or early winter.

What's the funding status?

Hitch'd by Design is a bootstrapped start-up and we plan to grow our company organically until we reach a substantial user base.

Who is behind Hitch'd Stash?

Takara Swoopes Bullock, Founder of Hitch'd by Design

Wife, new mother and tech follower, Takara is a Decatur, Alabama native who has resided in Tokyo for five years. She first came to Japan as a Fulbright Fellow and prior to launching Hitch'd by Design, Takara built a career as a headhunter helping international companies and start-ups recruit talent for their Japan operations.

Takara began working on Hitch'd by Design shortly after learning she was expecting her first child. Her baby was born December 2010 and Takara is excited to finally launch her second 'baby'. An avid follower of female consumer focused technology, she blogs on her experiences as a female web user at "Web Women Tokyo" and on her experiences as an expat mommy living in Tokyo at "Takara in Tokyo".

You can reach Takara at Takara[at]hitchdbydesign.com

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