How to Create and Embed the Hitch'd Widget.

To create a Hitch'd widget, first select the stash you'd like to use. Once you are on your view stash page, locate the 'toolbox' button in the upper right corner above the stash title. Hover over the toolbox button and a menu will appear. Scroll down and select the 'create widget' option. A pop-up window will appear.

Select your preferred layout to display your widget, your options are vertical or horizontal. Next, select the color you'd like your widget to be, then choose the number of images you'd like to display in your widget, you may select up to five images. Now click the 'generate widget' button. An html code that starts with < and ends with > will appear in the box. Your widget will display out beside the widget.

To embed the Hitch'd widget onto a webpage, copy the html code snippet. In a separate window, open up your blog html code and paste the html code into your blog or webpage html editor.

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