How to Install and Use the Stash-It Bookmarklet

To install the bookmarklet click and hold the stash it button, dragging it to your browser bookmarks bar.

To use the bookmarklet to stash an item, click the stash it button located on your web browser tool bar. Upon clicking, a window will magically appear with all of the stashable images displayed. Locate the image you'd like to stash and click the stash it button.

Clicking the stash-up button takes you to an item description pop-up window. You will see the image you wish to stash in the upper left corner with the linked displaying underneath.

Using the drop down menu, select which stash you would like to save the image to. The description box automatically includes a basic description of the item you've selected, however you may add more information if you wish. In the tag section, be sure to include the relative tags for this item. Once your tags are entered, hit the 'stash it' button located near the bottom of the window.

From there, you may choose to either view the item you just stashed, view the entire stash of saved items, or close the box.

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